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" Crains qu'un jour, un train ne t'émeuve plus" ( G. Apollinaire)

A la découverte d'un univers ludique et  fascinant pour petits et grands !

30 ans au service de l'histoire et du patrimoine ferroviaires !

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Région Nouvelle Aquitaine ( Aquitaine - Limousin - Poitou - Charentes)


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In the garden which is installed after the track at the standard gauge 1435 mm, a garden is presented along the wharf.
The construction was undertaken in 1992. The principle of construction was quite unique because the track is raised as the real ie directly on the ballast. No other fixation have been performed. Since then, the road has never moved. It thus follows the natural expansion of the rails.

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Construction began in 1992

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To prevent the growth of grasses and other garbage in the ballast, the track was built on a mattress of 20 cm of gravel caught between two blocks. The gravel is placed in a canvas asphalt, which prevents the rise in bad plants while leaving water drip.
A ballast is deposited very end between the ties, blocking the path effectively.

The track is used LGB. The plan is simple path. A closed loop on which s'embranche another loop longer. We will give the plan later.

5 needles are distributed over the entire network, which runs on 50 lanes.

The station includes a plan very simplified way: 2 ways and means of a heel. The building of the station comes from the mark LGB as rolling stock.

An electrical cabinet provided free of charge by LEGRAND is ready to close and can order needles and cantons. The entire electrical installation requires only a very few interventions annually.

The plantations include various perennials and annual flowers.

A small river leads to a lake. The idea is to pump water from the lake to a higher weir to feed the river.

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New extension work in October 1997

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We commend the work of design, production and investment in kind on the part of Christophe Turgis, member of the first hour of the museum and passionate networks Garden.

We suggest you visit the website of its network of garden at his home on the network metric switzerland: http://traindejardin.free.fr/